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Advanced Sit Fly Questions & Answers
by Pat Works -

Question 1:
During some recent sit fly jumps I have been able to do some docking. When I am approximately 10 feet above the other sit flyer, I relax my hands and arms and am able to come down slowly, however some freeflyers have told me to "ball up" like in the VRW stable position to close the distance vertically. I understand the various positions in Sit Fly i.e. Legs together falls faster than legs apart. Is the VRW stable position a way to fall faster than a regular sit fly position?
Answer 1: [Several Answers]
1) Yes, the RW Stable has a faster fall rate IF you relax hands and arms.
2) Your method is also just fine. Both are more similar than different as the ARMS do most of the altitude control. [yes, legs are important too, use em aggressively, but it takes time to learn]
3) a standup is the 'normal' way to get down. You'll see people 'jack-in-the-box' from a sit to a stand to vary altitude faster. This takes reflex toning. Get on top of the dive. React *befor it happens*!
Question 2:
Also when above another flyer say within 10-15 ft, would going into a stand up work here. Do you personally as a freeflyer when sit flying close vertical distances like this by relaxing the hand and arms or going into a stand?
Answer 2:
1) I do both. If I want a quick drop [and it won't freak my partner] i stand up.
2) if it is close and I want the partner to work [learn] I'll use the sit.
So, it is one of those questions that depend. Whatever, being able to transition from stand-sit-stand-slow wide, back fly etc. are all important. I practice em on students and on some solo dives.
Question 3:
Here is one more scenario: I only Sit Fly for now but do it pretty well..thanks to your book and video. I have been enjoying some freefly dives with some head downers..the problem comes in when some freeflyers strictly want to have a head down dive. How does a Sit Flyer keep up with this particular dive? Suggest some Sit Fly positions?
Answer 3:
Actually, a common problem with a 'good' sit-flyer and head down people is that the sit flyer can fall faster than they are accustomed to work in a head down. The sit flyer needs to center point the head-downers, keeping some above and some below. If they are all above you you are falling WAY to fast. If all below you; you are falling way to slow. A fast sit can/should 'smoke em' if it doesn't, you may be over winged.



DFV-Sicherheitstagung 2000

Die diesjährige DFV-Sicherheitstagung (die erstmals als gemeinsame Sicherheitstagung des DFV und der Sportfachgruppe Fallschirm (SFG) im DAeC geplant ist !) findet, wie bereits im November 1999 terminiert, am 4./5.November 2000 in WEIMAR – Legefeld (Treff-Hotel) statt.
Wer bereits jetzt nähere Informationen über Hotels, Gasthöfe und Pensionen in der Umgebung braucht, kann sich auf der DFV-Homepage kundig machen. Eine Liste preiswerter Unterkünfte außerhalb des Tagungshotels ist dort veröffentlicht. Nähere Informationen über das TREFF-Hotel, den Themenplan der Sicherheitstagung und die Anmeldemodalitäten werden im nächsten FREIFALL-Xpress (Anfang September) bekannt gegeben.
Themenvorschläge, die auf der Tagung behandelt werden sollen, weil sicherheitsrelevant oder von allgemeinem Interesse, werden gerne aufgenommen. Bitte an die DFV-Geschäftsstelle per Fax oder Mail einreichen.
Für alle Tandem- und AFF-Examiner und DFV-Delegierten sei noch einmal daran erinnert, dass sich der Ablauf des Tagungsblocks nicht geändert hat:
Donnerstag, 02.11.2000 - Examiner-Tagung
Freitag, 03.11.2000 - DFV-Delegiertentag
Gesonderte Einladungen und Tagesordnungen folgen rechtzeitig.


Mehr Sicherheitsmitteilungen auf Seite 1


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